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The Lagos State Government has announced that come March 1, 2017, all bus conductors around the State will begin to wear uniforms which will come with a badge and name tags for easy identification.

This development is towards ensuring there are proper checks on the abuses and unruly actions of the bus conductors in different parts of Lagos.

It was gathered that the move will include more than 3,000 bus conductors across Lagos roads who will commence wearing the uniforms from March 1, 2017.

According to the National President of Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, Mr. Israel Adeshola,  “3,000 bonafide members will wear uniforms as part of efforts to ensure decorum and the safety of duly registered members as well as that of members of the public at large.”

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He continued that “we are in collaboration with Lagos state government on the issue of badges and uniforms for commercial conductors, which has been finalised. This is because we don’t want to start without the government’s approval. So by the first week of March, we will roll them out.”

The new development is coming few days after the government announced plans to phase out danfo buses on metropolitan Lagos.



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