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“When Others are focusing on receiving Alawee, i focused on Multiplying it.” Said by a current serving corp member in Kebbi State with great JOY.

Here is the conversation when the SMECOACHES Team interviewed the Corper.


My Name is Victoria Joseph. I am a native of Delta State Nigeria.  A Graduate of Agric. Economics from Amadu Bello University Zaria. Currently serving in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State.


Smiles.. Making money now in Nigeria is very easy for those who are smart and ready to take the risk. The major killer of every success is fear of the unknown.

As at the time MMM came to Nigeria majority of Nigerians ventured into it without doing a personal research on how it came about, where it came from, how it was established and how to locate them. Nigerians only focused on making the money they did not bother about the security of their investments. Nigerians want to make money without working for it, they want to have houses without laying foundations, and they want to be big without starting small. This was what gave MMM way in Nigeria. The CEO of ultimate Cyler said and i quote “it is only Nigerians that want to make money without working for it”. After the freezing of MMM mavros, there was panic amongst many Nigerians, I was also a bit concerned because i also had monies in MMM.

The fact that the account was frozen made me go on a thorough research on how i can make money continuously while working for it at the same time. At last i met a friend who introduced me to an Organisation in Nigeria.


The organisation is called Divine Leverage Team Ltd. I felt comfortable with it, because it was a registered organisation in Nigeria; they have an office you can go to and a headquarters. They are people you can see, ask questions and relate with. They are more like a cooperative society.  Their method is simply our fathers ancient formula which  is popularly known as “CONTRIBUTION/AJO/OSUSU/ADACHE”. The mission of the organisation is to make millionaires in very house in Nigeria without depending on any government salary or collar job. In other to empower individual the organisation introduce skill acquisition empowerment in their scheme which makes many organisation to collaborate with them. iQvistas Solutions which was popularly known as iQkoncepts Solutions is one of the Organisation that gives DLT a very good ground in Kebbi.

I started making my money immediately i joined the system.

The system only required me to pay 11,000 in which i paid 1000 naira into 8 persons bank account who are already in the system and the remain 3,000 naira into the DLT account for maintenance. These made me to become a bonafite member of the Organisation.

The system also requires me to introduce three people to register 3 persons under me.. this were i discovered the code i use..

I am very influential, hate to be silence when opportunities arises. i started calling people i know and those i don’t and told them about the opportunity and how it works, my persistence, believe and high motivating spirit gives me upper hand which makes me to get 39 persons to register in my first week.  The registration of this 39 people fetch N3,000 + N9,000 + N27,000 + an INNJOO TABLET (incentives from then organisation). After the success of the first 39, as some of them received their first alert of N3,000 and some received  both first alert and second alert (13,000) makes another 81 persons to registered which make me qualify for another N81, 000 with a brand new LENOVO LAPTOP.

I did not stop telling people about the investment and as they are registering and bring in their first 3 people all of us are moving higher and making our money as well. As am talking with you now i have 5 of my down lines who have already collected their own TABLET WORTH N45,000 apart from the alert of 27,000 they have received.

I am currently receiving 243,000 entering my account continuously. After the completion of this 243,000 i will be eligible to undergo already paid Skill Acquisition training in any state in Nigeria and also eligible to a loan of 100,000 with no collateral… to learn more Read



I am very happy to join Kebbi State DLT group, because we work as a team, which give massive growth in less months

To Join this platform and be among the fast growing team of Kebbi State, you can contact us dltkebbistate@iqkoncepts.com to get referral link for your registration.



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